Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Vichy Normaderm Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care Review

Where to buy? Watsons
How much? $49

I got the sample in the GLOW Watsons goodie bag & now I finally have
the chance to try this out.
Since previously, I did not have the fate in meeting the sickening Vichy SA
who works from 10AM-6.30PM only (According to Guardian staff) to grab hold of
a sample.

Anyway, it's said to "Transforms the skin within 4 weeks. Resorbs blemishes. Tightens pores. Evens out the complexion."

Sounds promising, doesn't it?

Ingredients : Zincadone A (keratolytic glycolic acid + anti-bacterial glycadone + Dermostim). Astringent witch hazel. Vichy Thermal Spa Water.

That isn't the full list, it also contains alcohol denat; 3rd on the ingredient list.

Alcohol aside, I think this is a pretty good basic moisturiser.
Perhaps the reason why my skin is zit-free so far is also probably due to it?

Firstly, it smells great (to me at least) and reminds me of my Bio-essence Tanaka White Renewal Day Cream. The consistency is just right, it is not as thick or heavy as other creams nor is it watery (Think Dermalogica's Active Moist) but it's light and a tad bit gel-like. Probably something similar to ZA's Dewy Effect Creamy Gel.

Since it's light, hence, it is easily absorbed by the skin and leaves your face
feeling sufficiently hydrated. There is no stickiness experienced after application.
It has superb oil control because I could see that my T-zone stayed oil-free almost the whole day.

I've been using it for 3 days only. Shall monitor further and update this entry soon. I do hope to see my skintone even out with the help of it.

UPDATES as of 12 May 2009

A great basic moisturizer worth trying. It has not caused any breakouts on me and
has been keeping my usually oily T-zone pretty oil-free.

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