Saturday, 2 May 2009

Check expiry date on products @ Sales!

I'd read that some of the products at the Luxasia sale were near expiring and
they weren't priced that cheaply either.
If a product's going to expire in 4 months' time, I don't see why I should even pay more than $10 for it.

Let this be a reminder to all of us; sale-fanatics. To always check for the expiry date on products or at least, tell-tale signs if a product does not have any specific expiry date on it. If in doubt, check with the staff and get hold of their name. So that if they did give you false information, you can go through the proper
complaint channels. I mean, this is OUR face/body we're talking about!

If possible, avoid items which expire in less than 12 months especially if you tend to be a product-hoarder. Do not give in to temptation even if it's almost practically free. You'll still be wasting money.
You can say that I got "tricked" before at the SKIN INC sale. I thought at $19 each, the black crystal masks were a steal. I didn't ask about the expiry date nor bothered to check for it. Only to find out that they expire in AUGUST this year. Yes, I feel cheated but nothing much I could do. I was a willing customer.

Expired products can harbor dangerous bacteria which could cause acne or skin infections. Whereas near expiring products may have lost their ability to work properly. So in the end, you're just stuck with a useless product. And now, isn't that a waste of money too?

Anyway, since we're on the topic of expiring/expired products.
Just to share the shelf lives of makeup products...

Liquid and Cream Foundation: 2 years max but some sources say water-based - 1 year, oil-based - 1.5 years.

Powder Foundation: 2 years

Concealer: 1 year

Powder Blush: 2 years

Lipstick: 12 to 18 months but some say up to 3 years... Just look out for tell-tale signs, if it smells rancid then you should throw it out! Keep them refrigerated to prolong shelf life though.

Lipliner: up to 3 years

Eyeshadow: 2-3 years

Eyeliner Pencils:
3 years and should be sharpened regularly.

Mascara: 3 months after opening
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