Sunday, 5 April 2009

Moxie Tampons - Stay Pretty

Where to buy? Watsons
How much? $10.50 for 16 tampons (2 tins)

Are you a tampon user?
Well, I am one and I've never seen any tampon packaging
that is as irresistibly pretty and saccharine sweet as Moxie's.

I must say that Moxie's has got the PRETTIEST packaging when
compared to the rest in the market which are rather conventional-looking
(Read: Boring).
I got a tin of these in my Watsons goodie bag and I'm tempted
to grab a couple more.

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Eight tampons are packed into this cute, retro-looking 1940s inspired nifty little tins.
You can grab a pack which consists of 2 tins.
So it's a total of 16 tampons for SGD$10.50.
Yes, it's slightly on the pricier side as I can get 32 OB ones for the same price.
But the tins.... those kitchsy little tins are great for collecting.

And if you don't have a separate pouch to hold your 'Time of the month'
supplies. This tins really do come in handy.
You can proudly display them on your desk and no one (except for those who
use them) would ever guess what they really are!
Hell! I would have probably mistaken them for sweet tins if I'd not known better.

I went to check out their website and found out that they carried
pantyliners and overnight pads too.
However, I am not sure if these are available locally yet.

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Maybe it's time I dropped by my fav drugstore; Watsons....
Gosh, I'm on shopping ban and yet they can't stop having sales or
bringing in new kawaii stuff!!! :( How tempting!

ETA: I've tried the tampons and honestly, the insertion was painful compared to OB's.
Guess it's probably cus OB is now 'silk-coated' which makes it more softer than Moxie's.
Also getting the plastic wrapping off Moxie was a pain and not as hassle-free as OB.

I'm taking hearts off for the lack of comfort & user-friendliness.

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