Monday, 27 April 2009

Great promo for contact lens users!

Great bargain for contact lens users!
It's only $23 but you get 2 full size bottles of solution.
5 small ones and 1 eye drop + a freebie bag (not photographed)
It's like a fake Longchamp bag, you get the idea yeah.

My guy got his at Bugis Junction. The store beside Macdonalds :)

Sunday, 26 April 2009

ZA Dewy Effect Range

Ok, so they have the ZA Dewy Effect Emulsion & the Creamy Gel.
So what is the difference?
I'd always thought that it was moisturisers for different skin types.
Dry - Normal takes Creamy Gel because it's thicker in consistency whereas
oily skin types go for the emulsion.

HOWEVER, after reading this insert which was found together with the
ZA Dewy Effect Sample Set.
I just realised that the emulsion is for DAY use because it's lighter and
the creamy gel is for NIGHT use since it's "heavier" stuff. All these makes
perfect sense now.

Ok, so don't shoot me for not knowing this earlier but I just wanted to share
this with the rest who probably are equally as clueless as I was.

Free Image Hosting at

Please click on the image above to see it in full size!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Watson's GLOW Spring / Summer Workshop 2009

THANK YOU WATSONS for this wonderful opportunity to attend the
GLOW Spring/Summer Workshop.

Ok, so I didn't get to go because I had something on BUT my mom
went in my place. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and found the talks enriching and helpful.
She liked the exercise kit alot and she shared with me some tips
which she learnt from the workshop.

I can't really blog much about this since I was not there personally.
However, I'll be looking forward to Watsons & GLOW organising more of such

Some photos of the lovely goodies we got:

Door gift

Exercise Kit

My mom volunteered for the Vichy demo so she got this cool 5 pc Vichy hamper
set! This is so cool, everything's full-sized!


And I also collected my GLOW giveaway prize from Watsons.


YEY! I'm one happy gal today!


Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Are you a beauty product hoarder? Do you buy lots of beauty products only to see them collect dust on your dresser or worst; some do not even see the light; they just rot in your drawers with the price tags still intact.

I am as guilty as charged and in such a depressing time like this, with the economic crunch, it's only sane to start doing something about it and stop the unnecessary splurging.

One way would be to remind yourself that you still have lots of cleansers at home; especially unopened brand new in shopping bag ones. But was it cleansers or was it toners that you'd stocked at the previous sale? So you know you have lots of products but you can't exactly remember what. Then it's time to GET ORGANISED & track all of the beauty products you have.

Here are some steps I do to ensure that I make full use of what I buy. You can try it out and you'll be surprised at how much you can save.

#1 Label your products


I use a page marker to label my products which do not have a specific expiry date. Some products come with a "24 M" or "12 M" label on a simplified picture of an opened jar. This indicates that this particular product; once opened; will expire within X months later. "24 M" = 24 Months & "12 M" = 12 Months


For those with expiry dates on it, things are made much easier for us.
Always check the boxes or labels on your product for the expiry date or indication of shelf life.


As a general rule, please throw away any product you have been keeping for 2 years or more especially if the color or smell is off.

If in doubt, just contact the product's distributor or manufacturer.
I'll usually google for the company email and then send them an enquiry.
I get responses pretty quickly.

#2 Keep Stock

I have a private blog for my entire beauty inventory.
I have three main sections - Skin Care, Body Care and Makeup.

Under each main section, it is further grouped into a specific product category. Like under Skin Care, I have "Cleanser", "Toner", "Day Moisturiser", "Night Moisturiser", "Sunscreen" and the list goes on.

I will then list down the number of products I have per particular product category. And beside each product, I will state the quantity and expiry date.

Here's a sneak peek at what I've done:


However, you can start out in an Excel spreadsheet file and it'll look much more organised. Or you could place all the information you have in a table on your blog for a neater look.


#1 is great because now you will know which products are expiring soon with just one glance. No more guilt from throwing out never used before products because you can't remember when did you buy them and you do not wish to risk using them. No more throwing of money down the rubbish bin because of that!

#2 will be your entire product database. Similar to #1, you will have information at your finger tips. You will know how many cleansers or shower gels you currently own in a glance. This will assist in your decision-making when you're out shopping.

You would also know if you're running low on supplies for any of the items. For me, I always make sure that I have at least one spare at home. So this works really well for me, I hope you will find it useful too. :)

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Stardust @ Jurong Point Opens

More info @

Woohoo! I'm so excited to have our very own STARDUST in heartland mall,
Jurong Point.
Stardust is John Little's one-stop concept store that is home to the many
famous & imported beauty brands.

I stopped by yesterday and they were still settling down; making the last minor
adjustments around the store.
Spotted loads of brands and we even have a KOSE counter in the store!

There's L'Oreal, Maybelline, Silkygirl, ZA, Revlon, Milani, Canmake, Kawaii Tokyo and just simply too many more to name. Saw some new unheard of brand names like taxi, which is currently having some kind of promotion going on. I didn't really check out the signage properly but I do remember seeing a "15%" on it.

I also heard that they'll have another one opened at Marina Square.
So in total, there'll be 3 Stardust in Singapore.
(Plaza Singapura, Jurong Point and Marina Square)

For more on Stardust, go to Stardust John Little

Meanwhile, if you happen to come by the west side, remember to check it out.
I didn't get anything as there weren't any sales going on.
I'm quite upset that I missed the JOHN LITTLE SALE @ EXPO especially since the
L'Oreal Derma Genesis range was on discount at 20% + 20% off. :(


I missed the JOHN LITTLE one, not sure if I'm gonna let this
one slip me by.... URGH! But EXPO is simply too far for me.

Metro Expo Sale
30 April 2009 - 03 May 2009

Venue : Hall 5
Time: 11am to 10pm

What a JOKE! I'm BROKE! Now, that's NO joke.


Now, if you would have some pity on me.
Perhaps you could click on my google or nuffnang ads?
Pretty please? LOL!

Monday, 20 April 2009


I was surfing the ELF thread in CC and this caught my eye.
I'm a HUGE fan of ELF and their blushers especially.
So I'm kinda shocked to see ELF products on the recall list.
Thankfully, their blushers are safe to use.

However, if you own either of these products, please contact
your merchant for more information or just throw them away.

#1 e.l.f. Brightening Eye Color 2003 Silver Lining (Shade 2)

Recall No : PR090003
Date : 6 February 2009
Name of Product : e.l.f. Brightening Eye Color 2003 Silver Lining (Shade 2)
Batch No : 80707
Expiry Date : Not available
Pack Size : 3.5gm per piece
Class of Recall : 2
Level of Recall : Retail
Product Notification No : CCPN0828336
Local Company : Lana Holdings LLP
Manufacturer : JA Cosmetics Corp
Country of Manufacture : China
Reason for Recall : Contained Cadmium, a prohibited substance

#2 e.l.f. Feather Proof Moisturizing Lip Liner 1905 Spice

Recall No : PR090002
Date : 6 February 2009
Name of Product : e.l.f. Feather Proof Moisturizing Lip Liner 1905 Spice
Batch No : 80707
Expiry Date : Not available
Pack Size : 1gm per piece
Class of Recall : 2
Level of Recall : Retail
Product Notification No : CCPN0828563
Local Company : Lana Holdings LLP
Manufacturer : JA Cosmetics Corp
Country of Manufacture : China
Reason for Recall : Contained arsenic above the permissible limit of 5 ppm

For information on other product recalls, please visit : HERE
I saw Dermedex on the list too.

Thanks to alert cotter,vivavoomz for the heads up!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Saving money

I'm super broke this month because I went overzealous with the bank
withdrawls. Usually I would withdraw the total amount for the month's daily expenses
but this month I decided not to and what a bad mistake it was.
I practically lost count of how much I could withdraw and now I've got to make
up for this silly mistake with next month's pay. And that leaves me with basically $20 in excess for spending on leisure.

So in order not to commit the same stupid mistake as me.
We should all have a proper $$$ plan.
Here are some tips which I have to share.

1) Have a seperate bank account for your savings.
Get a MySavings account from POSB, Stand Chart's E-savers or Ocbc's life savers..
Such savings accounts basically deduct a certain amount of money from your main paycheck bank account. And they make it difficult for you to try to withdraw the money you've put aside but imposing certain rules to deter you such as withdrawing via bank counters only (think about the hassle & the long queues) or charging an admin fee for withdrawals.

It's advisable to save at least 20% of your monthly paycheck and have a minimum of 3 months' salary in your bank account for a rainy day. You never know when the money might come in handy.

2) Get an expense book. Artbox has loads of these cute little notebooks specially designed for such a purpose.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Take note of your daily spending and review it weekly.
This book shows you where your money is going and you can see where you can cut down on unnecessary expenditure.
Like for me, sometimes most of my money goes to cab fares which can hit $20 a trip since I live in the far end of the island. Cabbing in Singapore is so expensive, I try to avoid it as much I can.

Next, set a budget after you have reviewed your daily expenditure with the help of a budget book and stick to it.
Note down how much you spend on daily necessities such as transport, food and credit card bills. Put aside the money needed once you get your paycheck. This would ensure that you won't spend the money required to pay the bills and end up in debt.

3) Leave your credit cards at home. Bring out only the ATM card for emergencies.
Credit cards cause you spend more because you don't really feel the pinch till you recieve the bill weeks later.

And always pay your credit card bills in full. If you're always late in payment and chalking up hefty interest, then maybe you should cut that card into two.

5) Do not go out shopping without a shopping list. This will help you stay clear
from buying unnecessary impulse buys which you would come to regret later on.
Write up the list and stick to it. Buy only what you need.

6) Keep an item inventory. I do one on blogspot. I keep tab of what I buy and I have enough beauty products to last me till 2011. This was the result of overspending on skincare and makeup. Everytime I feel tempted to try a new product, I remind myself that I still have lots at home. So I try to get a sample instead and it's FOC anyway.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Robinsons Beauty Hall Promo 8th April till 24th April 09

I won some Robinsons vouchers at a company event & I was thinking it was just in time for the....

Robinsons Beauty Hall Promotions!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Just to list some of the promotions...

1) There's 20% off all toiletries & health supplements from now till 3rd May! *WOW*
2) Laneige White Plus Renew Relaxing Facial!!! You purchase this $35 voucher and you get a free 45mins facial. Sounds worth it! Check out details in brochure.
3) Shiseido's gift with purchase bag looks gorgeously chic. ->

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And there's many more attractive gifts with purchase promos going on.
For full details, please download the brochure. CLICK ME

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Luxasia Warehouse Sale Coming Up!

Just got wind of it...

WHAT? Luxasia Warehouse Sale 2009
WHEN? 24-26 April 2009

I've been staring enviously at the loot of those who went for the
sale in 2008. There'll be brands such as Bvlgari, Calvin Klein, Davidoff, Guerlain, Issey Miyake, Yves Saint Laurent among many other distinguished brands.
Toa Payoh is kinda out of the way for me but I might just drop by.
You know how such sales can be so tempting.

For more on their product info, go to:
Luxasia Products

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

MAYBELLINE ROCKS! My entry won me a prize!

Remember the Maybelline Makeover Party I attended 3 months ago?
Well, they had a challenge to us on that day -
To blog about the event.
The best five entries would be selected and each blogger
would win herself a limited edition Pure Mineral hamper.

This has to be one of the best events I had ever attended! Photobucket
And despite my makeup look being amateurish, I was selected and
I won a Maybelline pouch to hold the Pure Mineral L/P.
Now, my blog entry was also one of the five that was chosen.
I am feeling truly blessed and lucky Photobucket

To read about my experience, please click HERE

So the courier guy arrived at my office with my item but he didn't even ask for me.
He just hurriedly pass me this Maybelline paper bag and told me to pass it
to her.
Thank goodness, the recipient was me.
What if my office was huge? What if I had dishonest colleagues?
Seriously, you can't rule that out as I've read about colleagues stealing your stuff; from valuables like a mobile to crazy stuff like your folders =.=
But anyway, I am glad that I was sitting near the door and I was the one
who let him in.


So what was inside?


Ok, looks interesting...
I remember Joyce telling us about it. It's limited ed, alright!




Looks like a huge display decorational item or paper weight.
Haha, ok, I'm just gonna admit that I was a tad bit disappointed.
Was it just this? Sure, I know it's limited edition but I was expecting more.
(Yes, I know, GREEDY me....)

I brought it over to HM's desk and she was like "What's that?"
She fumbled with it for awhile and we realised that it was MORE than a
huge paper weight!


Where does this lead to? What would it reveal?


What a sweet surprise!!!
I got another set of PURE MINERALS L/P & blusher + their latest HYPERCURL
mascara. Wow, how cool is that?


TA-DA! Thank you MAYBELLINE & Cozycot!
I love the prizes immensely and I am so thankful for the opportunity to have experience it all.
The event was superbly awesome and so were the prizes.
I'll be looking forward to more of such events and hope that I'll be on the
invitation list.

Anyway, they have cool LOCAL Maybelline website now for the babes.
So feel free to check it out ;)
Maybelline New York



Image and video hosting by TinyPic

YES!!!!! I WON IT!!!!

Thanks to GLOW magazine by Watsons; I won it through the giveaway contest.
If you've not gotten your copy of the magazine yet.
Please do go grab yours NOW :)

They're having giveaways till MAY!!!
So yeah, if you wanna grab something for FREE, join the contest!
Who knows you might be the next lucky winner.
I think they're giving out this straightening hair balm next.
Around 30 of them ;) So Good luck to you!

On a side note, my nails have turned slightly yellow after not allowing them
to "breathe" for 40days+ straight.
I'm giving them a break now since I can't afford a manicure session so soon either.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Kabuki Brushes & current Bioderma promo


New! Nature’s Minerals™ Foundation Brush

Where to buy? Bodyshop
How much? SGD33.90

Taken from the website:

"A high-density foundation brush that ensures just the right amount of loose powder is held in place between the bristles for progressive release and a smooth, even coverage. Rounded cut hairs are designed to allow circular movement across the face. Features a specially designed handle that fits easily into the palm, to allow appropriate pressure and flexibility."

I was wandering around mindlessly at The Bodyshop when I caught sight of this new display stand for their mineral makeup range; Nature’s Minerals™.
The first thing I spotted was this kabuki brush. I tried it on the back of my hand and GOSH! It was incredibly soft and felt really luxurious against my skin.

I am not sure if it works well with loose powder but it has defintely
scored points for being so gentle on the skin.
I hope to get this very soon..... :)

It is priced reasonably and I've read through a few reviews on how durable it is.
So why splurge so much on expensive, fancy brands which boasts of animal hair when you can grab this one at sucha great deal?

P/S: I think it's made of 100% synthetic bristles.


Where to buy? E.L.F Eyes Lips Face Online
How much? USD 5 = Approximately SGD 8

Taken from the website:

"Our handy and easy to use Kabuki Brushes provide a light to full coverage on your face or body to ensure a flawless finish. The compact brush is perfectly sized to allow for precise and controlled application of bronzer, powder, or a highlighter on your skin."

It is made of reasonable quality for a cheap, very affordable USD 5 kabuki brush.
Soft but still not as gentle as the Bodyshop one.
And it did shed alittle on me. :(
Still pretty worth it for it's price. It is really quite a decent brush.

Also there's a promo going on for BIODERMA now.
There is 30% off Hydrabio (Dry skin), Sebium (Combi/Oily skin) and Sensibio (Sensitive skin) range.
20% off the White objective & photoderm range.

Bioderma can be found in selected Guardian stores.
The ones I know of are Paragon's and Jurong Point 2's.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Nail Extensions - Pros & Cons + Review of Qianzuge Nail Salon

I went for my free acrylic nail extensions & express
manicure last year at QianZuGe.
Becus I won it via Cozycot & also got a voucher from


This is my review.

Location :
Not accesible for me cuz i live in the west.
I took 145 from toa payoh int and it was around 7-8 stops away.
Better for those living in the north area.

Alot of hotels in the area, I was afraid that I would get mistaken for a hooker!
Saw a couple of dressed up China women but had no idea if they were
hookers or not.
The ground lvl of the ROCCA Balestier bldg was a pub filled with what seemed like tiko peks.
I was quite turned off but didn't get disturbed as I made my way past so it's alright I guess.

Place : Very oriental themed just like it's chinese name.
Not as huge as I'd imagined it to be after seeing the pictures on the website.
The mani/pedi room had a TV facing the two seats so I was not bored at all!

Service : The receptionist was friendly but the 2 manicurist were not so. I smiled at one of them but she didn't exactly smile back.
It kinda spoilt my mood in a way.

I now know why people say don't be the last appt of the day cus they would usually rush thru to get the job done so that they can go home.
My appt was at 7pm. They are opened til 11pm but if they finish the nails for the last customer before 11pm, they can leave as soon as they are done.

Initially, I'd chosen a more elaborate nail art design for my fingernails (3d nail art costing $50) and french for my toes but the manicurist said my toe nails were too short to do french. So I chosed nail art for my toes too....
My first choice was this floral sparkly purple design and then the manicurist casually commented that she wanted to tell me to choose that for my fingernails.

Am I too sensitive or what? But I felt she wanted to advise me to do that for my fingernails cus only 2 fingers required the 3d nail art unlike the design which I'd in mind (all 10 fingers required 3d nail art). Seemed like she just wanted to get the job done fast so that she could leave. I also heard her telling the other lady that she felt like quitting cus of the way the appts were being arranged?
Was she overworked? Or she didnt like to work til too late? I don't know.
I just felt that they lacked professionalism, you don't say such stuff infront
of a customer.

So anyway, I just agreed and did the less elaborate nail art for my fingernails in the end. My fingernails nail art costed $20 only.

Acrylic nail set : This is my 1st time doing this and I find it very much a hassle. I guess it might be a first and last time.
Is this normal? But some of my fingernails hurt when touched, like it's being squeezed. Some very tight feeling....

In-fills cost $30 whenever your nails grow out but if you wanna remove them, you gotta soak them off at $50. What a hassle!!!
I shall stick to my own real nails in the future, afterall, people already think my real nails look fake. (I'm taking that as a compliment)

Also my job was pretty rushed I felt. There's polish marks on several of my fingers but manicurist didn't bother to check.
Finishing coat not even too I noticed.
But since it is for free, do I have the rights to feel upset about it? :(

Manicure & Pedicure Service : Overall not bad. I enjoyed it!

Nail Art Choice : I was only given ONE booklet to choose from and it had like 6-7 pages only?
After I went back to the receptionist to make payment, I noticed a board on the desk with more designs. Why was I not shown that too?
I quite like one of the designs but what to do? My nails were already done.

Overall Verdict : Lots of room for improvement.
Manicurists should be more friendly, customer oriented and smile more.
More nail art designs to choose from please.
Management should ensure manicurists are not overworked or unhappy with the scheduling of appointments cus eventually its the customers who bear the brunt when they are unhappy. I don't like my nail job to be rushed!

Will I return? : I guess i'll need a really good reason for this. Maybe some voucher I feel that I do not wish to waste or a promo too good to give a miss.

Further comments : I had high expectations but returned slightly disappointed. I hope that they will improve in time to come.

Anyway, here's how my nails look like now :



I don't get it but the gold beads on my left toe keeps dropping off :(
I'm rather displeased with this considering it is only the 2nd day!


1) Nails grew incredibly weak after I had the extensions soaked off!
I had alot of chipped nails for the few weeks that followed. My nails are generally
strong and this upset me alot.
2) When I had my nail extensions, I could not remove my contact lenses properly without hurting my eyes.
3) I had to be careful and not hit or bump the extensions lest they chip or fall off together with my real nails! *shudders*
4) It costs money to remove them. At least $20 at a home-based salon and up to $50 over at a professional salon. What a waste of money!


1) Nail art stays on reaaaaalllly long on fake nails!
It can stay on till 2 months unlike normal nails which last for 2 weeks only.
Because of that, you can have really gorgeous designs on your nails but then again,
they come with a price.

Rated: .5 minus the rest for the long-term suffering after that.
Rating applies to both having nail extensions on and for the salon itself.

Verdict: Nail extensions are not for me.
I can't stand having weak nails nor end up tearing with red eyes each time I remove my contact lenses.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Eyelash Extensions - Why I won't recommend them

I did eyelash extensions in Dec last year at Anthony's Hair Boutique.
It was not bad... the lady who did for me, I think she was called Candy was very friendly and nice.

She said my eyes were round and big so she recommended a mascara short lash type for me.
Honestly, I was wanting to do the medium length one cus I liked my lashes more dramatic. But since it was my first time , I went along with her recommendation.
My gf did a medium length one and I liked it so much cus it was longer but she was not used to it and she preferred mine. If only we could swap!

Thus, initially, I was a tad bit disappointed since mine was not so obvious.
But after I went home, I went to curl mine up. Heh and now I love it.


AFTER WITH LINER & MASCARA (on lower lid):
(I know, not supposed to put eyeliner but I'm just stubborn)


My regrets days later......

1) Cannot rub your eyes
2) Must be careful at all times even when you're sleeping! (WTF!??!)
3) Must use facial sponge when removing makeup especially around the eye area

It was such a pain and hassle when I thought that getting extensions
would means less trouble since I won't need to put on falsies every morning.
I won't recommend this especially if you have a tendency to subconsciously rub your eyes when you wake up.

4) I took them out myself 2-3 weeks later with a pair of tweezers.
I did it cus I was so pissed with the extensions.
But it's advisable that you go back to the salon and have them removed professionally.
One thing about extensions just like NAIL extensions are that they're so bloody f-ing expensive!
You got to pay money even if you just wanna have them removed!!!
5) You got to deal with bald patches on your eyelids after removal as some lashes get pulled out together with the fake ones.

1) No need to waste time putting on false eyelashes everyday.
2) Look "naturally" good without makeup on.

Rated: .5 minus the rest for the long-term suffering after that.

Verdict: No more lash extensions for me. I'll stick to the good ol' falsies,
at least I can remove them anytime I deem fit to without much hassle.
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