Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Watsons 21st Anniversary Mystery Bag

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Days back, I paid $21 to purchase a Watsons 21st Anniversary Mystery Bag.
I was hoping and praying that my bag would contain the much raved CURE
aqua water gel....

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Ok, so I just collected my bag too because I couldn't wait!
i'm ultra heartbroken not to find the Cure aqua gel in my bag!

But anyway, things in full size which I got that I like:

Sanctury Spa Convent Garden Foaming shower Mousse
Loreal UV Perfect Sunblock
Renew Rose Hip Oil
Dentiste' Plus White Vit C & Xylitol Toothpaste
Moxie Regular Tampons
Oral B Cross Action Massage Toothbrush
Tea Tree Sensitive Cleansing Wipes
Mentholatum Lip Pure Lipbalm
Sato CoQ10 drink

Sample sized items which I like:

ZA T-zone Cleansing Peel-off Mask
Sanctuary Spa Convent Garden Cleansing Facial Wash
Roujukiss Pore Tightening Source
Cinelle Purifying Toner
BRTC Whitening & Wrinkle Repair BB Cream
BRTC BB Cream Gold Caviar
Dr Wu Hydrating System Intensive Hydrating Serum with HA
Dr Wu Intensive Whitening Serum with AA2G
Dr Wu Anti-wrinkle Serum with BOTOLIFE
Watsons Hand & Body Lavender Lotion
Yes 2 Carrots Night Moisturiser
Yes 2 Carrots Delicious Rich Body Butter
Yes 2 Carrots Shampoo & Conditioner
Herbal Aloe Vera Stretchable Mask
Skinvitals T-Purify Anti-Spot Cleansing Clarifying Cloth Facial Treatment Mask
Avalon Detox Capsules (Missed this out in the photo!)

Full size items I wanna swap/trade away:

KIWI Smiling feet In-between Toe Gel Cushion x 1
KIWI Fresh'In Foot Freshener x 1
K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner in Jet Black x 1
Maybelline Unstoppable Shiny Black Waterproof 100% Smudgeproof Mascara x 1
Maybelline Watershine 3D Essence in 301 Strawberry Infusion x 1

Additional samples I didn't fancy :

ZA Blemish Shoot Toner & Dewy Gel + Avalon American Ginseng Slice (No pics)

Rated: .5

Worth it but don't really like the stuff I got.
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