Monday, 30 March 2009

Students' Special!

Saw this in Cozycot! So darn cool!
Great news for students :)
Just flash your student pass & you get a whooping 20% off the
participating brands!

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Goodie Bags!!!!

Adding another goodie bag onto my GOODIE BAG Collection!

Muahahahaha! Yes, I know I know, I'm sucha 'aunty'!!!
The Ultimate Spa-For-Thought event 2009 - Rated: .5

My only grouse was that they didn't play any soothing music during
my treatment. Music is pretty essential in building up the ambience when it
comes to relaxing for your treatment.

My collection so far:






Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Irritating! Another Sales : John Little


John Little Cardmembers' Exclusive Sales

Applicable to all who hold OCBC Robinsons Visa Plat, Elite / Robinsons Card/ ValuePlus Card.

ZA - 40% off (AGAIN!!!!)
Lioele - 30% off
Milani - 30% off
Bio-essence - 30% off

URGH! OMG LAH! I am sooooo tempted to stock up something AGAIN!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Watsons 21st Anniversary Mystery Bag

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Days back, I paid $21 to purchase a Watsons 21st Anniversary Mystery Bag.
I was hoping and praying that my bag would contain the much raved CURE
aqua water gel....

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ok, so I just collected my bag too because I couldn't wait!
i'm ultra heartbroken not to find the Cure aqua gel in my bag!

But anyway, things in full size which I got that I like:

Sanctury Spa Convent Garden Foaming shower Mousse
Loreal UV Perfect Sunblock
Renew Rose Hip Oil
Dentiste' Plus White Vit C & Xylitol Toothpaste
Moxie Regular Tampons
Oral B Cross Action Massage Toothbrush
Tea Tree Sensitive Cleansing Wipes
Mentholatum Lip Pure Lipbalm
Sato CoQ10 drink

Sample sized items which I like:

ZA T-zone Cleansing Peel-off Mask
Sanctuary Spa Convent Garden Cleansing Facial Wash
Roujukiss Pore Tightening Source
Cinelle Purifying Toner
BRTC Whitening & Wrinkle Repair BB Cream
BRTC BB Cream Gold Caviar
Dr Wu Hydrating System Intensive Hydrating Serum with HA
Dr Wu Intensive Whitening Serum with AA2G
Dr Wu Anti-wrinkle Serum with BOTOLIFE
Watsons Hand & Body Lavender Lotion
Yes 2 Carrots Night Moisturiser
Yes 2 Carrots Delicious Rich Body Butter
Yes 2 Carrots Shampoo & Conditioner
Herbal Aloe Vera Stretchable Mask
Skinvitals T-Purify Anti-Spot Cleansing Clarifying Cloth Facial Treatment Mask
Avalon Detox Capsules (Missed this out in the photo!)

Full size items I wanna swap/trade away:

KIWI Smiling feet In-between Toe Gel Cushion x 1
KIWI Fresh'In Foot Freshener x 1
K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner in Jet Black x 1
Maybelline Unstoppable Shiny Black Waterproof 100% Smudgeproof Mascara x 1
Maybelline Watershine 3D Essence in 301 Strawberry Infusion x 1

Additional samples I didn't fancy :

ZA Blemish Shoot Toner & Dewy Gel + Avalon American Ginseng Slice (No pics)

Rated: .5

Worth it but don't really like the stuff I got.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

FREE Vichy Trial Kit

To get your trial kit, please click HERE

I'm still unsuccessful in redeeming my trial kit because apparently the SA at Guardian JP operates from 10am-6.30pm only. So WTF, right?


The Vichy salesperson is NEVER around!!! Screw it!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

On Ban!!!

I will be going on ban because I can open a mini
drugstore at home.
I know some girls can open up a main store with all
the stuff they have but I just feel so guilty with
this much at home that I must really stop buying more.

Furthermore, I do not have that much Vit M.....

10 unopened bottles of supps on top of the 4 I'm
currently using.

2 currently in use
4 new ones

2 currently in use
3 new ones

1 day & 1 night currently in use
3 new day ones & 2 new night ones stocked up

currently using 2
1 in stock

currently using 1
none in stock

1 in stock

3 all currently in use
1 in stock

1 in use
1.5 stocked up

1 tub in use
2 tubs stocked up

Around30-40 facial sheet masks & eye masks
(very little compared to mask addicts but I just want
to finish them up.... I think I prefer clay/gel masques)

Facial Ampoules x 16 tubes (EXPIRING IN APR! WTF!)


1 in use
1 stocked up

6 stocked up... I have dry skin and yet I am not faithfully using them :(

1 in use
1 stocked up

No extras

1 in use
1.5 stocked up


1 in use

2 in use

1 stocked up

1 in use
3 in stock

1 in use
1 in stock

3 in use =x

1 in use
7 stocked up

2 in use
1 stocked up

1 in use
1 stocked up

L'Oreal Private Sale

My skincare junkie partner in crime managed to get a ticket
to the L'Oreal private sale.
There weren't that many good (skincare) buys though...
(Makeup junkies may beg to differ)

But we got a super good deal!

Kiehl's Ultra Protection Water-Based Sunscreen SPF 25 at $15
It's going for USD27 on the US online store lah!

SALE Rated:

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

ZA moisturisers' ingredients list

Just to share 2 of ZA's moisturisers' ingredients list.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

*GASP* It contains PARABENS!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I'm still a novice at checking up the ingredient list.
Tag or email me if you think these moisturisers contain something that
might harm my skin!! Haha, thanks yah! (Ok, other than alcohol)

Recent loot from Watsons

Where to buy?: Watsons
How much?: See below

ZA Dewy Effect Cream Gel @ $23.90

Highly raved in local beauty forums so I had to get one for myself.
Tested the texture from the sample;it was light and watery.
Only thing I hate about it is the packaging.
I find creams in a tub kinda tricky, gotta use a spatula
due to hygiene purposes!

Bio-essence Tanaka White Trial Pack @ $12.90


Got this cus it would come in handy when I crash over at SO's place.
And because it is the trial kit, I would also get to try out out the
cleanser, toner and mask.
Probably would do a review soon? (I hope! I've been getting lazier recently)

Black Microelement Crystal Mask

Minus 1 because of the price

Ok so I went to the Skin Inc private sale @ Central on Sunday.
The lady who attended to me and my skincare junkie friend seemed more interested
in selling us their pricey serums which cost up to like $198 for 30ml.
The most you get is 20% off if I recall correctly.

In the end, we bought a treatment of skin infusion at $38.
We got the diamond peel treatment free since we attended the sale.
And this is very worth it as it would usually cost you....

Diamond peel UP $98
Skin infusion UP$198
Mask UP$20

Total: $316 (TOTAL MADNESS!)

I also bought my favourite mask but I'm still trying to find a supplier.
I got the masks at $19 each (discounted price) instead of the usual $45.
I just simply do not understand why is it selling at such a steep price.

However, I do like this mask alot because your face really appears brighter after 1 usage.
And you can use the same piece of mask for up to 3 times, max of 5 hours in a week!So if you compare it with your cheap sheet masks, it is almost the same...
Working out to approximately $1.30 each 20 mins use.
However, I usually stretch it beyond that... =x

Monday, 2 March 2009

Edison Chen So Not Cute

I used to dig Edison Chen so very much.
That I did tell myself, if I ever had the chance to see him
in reality. I would just grab him and give him a kiss.
However, after seeing his recent photos....
Let's just say I'll rather kiss my toes.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Edison Chen was in Singapore recently for the launch of a new Carl's Jr burger.
He looks so scrawny and haggard here.... Is the sex scandal still haunting him?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
OMG! Look at the crow feet! He needs botox... A facelift probably!!!

The hottie I once adored.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Sunday, 1 March 2009

Body Contours Cozycot Spa Party

I paid $10.70 for :

- back massage
- buffet (it wasn't light refreshments as stated but like main courses such as noodles, curry chicken, fried rice, fish fillets etc)
- Goodie bag containing Elseve Nutri-Ceramide SOS Repair, Color Riche Star Secrets Lipstick, Excellence Hair Color, True Match Two-Way Powder Foundation Mini, Men Expert Hydra Energizing Turbo Booster Sachet, Men Expert Hydra Energizing Detoxifying Foam Mini & FabulousTan VIP Pass.


Can you believe what a bargain this is!??!

My girlfriend who came along with me also signed up for their package.
She managed to get a pretty good price for it and I would be able to try it out too under her name.

My ratings for this event :
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