Sunday, 11 January 2009

Bio-Essence Tanaka White Range Review

Bio-Essence Tanaka White Range Review

Where to buy?: NTUC, Watsons, John Little
How much? Check below


I had been seeing this new Bio-essence Tanaka White range of products out in Watsons stores and was eager to try it out especially since it was a whitening product that was available at such an affordable price. Thus, I was excited to see that Cozycot & Bio-essence were offering free samples and took this opportunity to try them out for myself.

I received the samples in a neat little package; a small booklet that educated me further on the background and benefits of Tanaka and three small sachets of namely the Skin white perfecting lotion spf15, Rejuvenating whitening day cream and the Renewal night cream.

After cleansing and toning the night I found the sample mailer on my dresser, I decided to give Bio-essence a try. The Renewal night cream had a pleasant berry-like scent and much to my surprise and delight, the initial clumpy-looking cream became gel-like upon application. It feels light to touch, spreads out evenly and was quickly absorbed by my skin. My face also felt moisturised immediately too. The next morning when I woke up, I found my skin feeling supple and hydrated.
It gave me the same effect as my other moisturiser which costs 3 times more!

The Rejuvenating whitening day cream smells really good and it is so light in texture, it feels like water as it glides easily all over my face. The cream is absorbed instantaneously and my face feels baby-smooth to touch. After this, I try on the Skin white perfecting lotion spf15 to protect my skin from any possible sun damage.

The Skin white perfecting lotion spf15's texture feels richer and more concentrated. It works a great makeup base even though it leaves a slight white cast on the skin. I like this because it makes me look fairer and so I can skip the application of foundation and just dab loose powder. It settles down on the skin pretty quickly and thus, no sticky feeling on the skin after that.

Overall, I am pretty satisfied with this range and given it's affordable pricing, it is defintely worth a try.

That was my review for the Bio-essence Tanaka moisturisers and spf lotion.
Oh well, anyway, I am still faithfully using the samples.
I really like what I felt and see in my skin so much so that I bought the
full-sized moisturisers instead of the trial set!

If anyone is keen, the trial sets are going for $12.90.
Not sure if there's 20% off at Watsons cus they didn't have the red 20% off
tag on the price.

But I got my day & night cream at 20% off each.




Rated: out of 5:

Yes! I am a happy girl today!

Also I wanna add on regarding the Maybelline Pure Mineral foundation ($25.90).
I'm using it again today.
I really love the shade alot, it blends so well with my skin tone that it
looks and feels like I have nothing on.
So it does live up to its name for being "Beautifully Bare".

However, I can't exactly comment on its oil control because I am using
Biore's UV Perfect Milk which is a sunscreen. And it has EXCELLENT oil control.
Seriously! Furthermore, it's retailing at only SGD11.70 at Watsons.
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