Sunday, 25 January 2009

Henry Tianus Organic Products

Where to buy?: Henry Tianus OR Suntec City Lvl 1, Pushcart outside Carrefour
How much? Check website

I was first introduced to the Henry Tianus range at the
Cozycot Holy Grail Party which I LOVE so much!

The Henry Tianus range is basicially made up of organic botanical extracts and cosmeceuticals ingredients so it's ORGANIC. There are no parabens, no perservatives or synthetic fragrances etc. Which kinda explains it's short shelf life - 6 months.
But if you keep your products in the fridge, you may stretch it for an additional
2 months max.

During the Cozycot Holy Grail Party (Sept 08),
I bought quite abit from Henry Tianus.
The lady, Grace who introduced the products to us was a good salesperson.
She was very patient & thorough in explaining to us
the ingredients and usage of the product.
She also let us sample quite a number of their items.
Thus, in the end, I got these 5 products :


RP $68

VERDICT: Light & refreshing, this was recommended as a day-time
toner. It contains hazel witch as well, just like the pore purifier but is
not as 'heavy' as it.


RP $68

VERDICT: I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! It really helps in minimizing the appearance of pores!
But it maybe too drying so it's recommended for use at night only or on
alternative nights. Works great on oily to normal skin only.


RP $138

I've not really tried enough of this to comment.

RP $55

VERDICT: Nothing special or maybe it just didn't work for me.


RP $30

VERDICT: LOVE THIS! Gentle and soothing, it does not leave unsightly
scars after it flattens the pimple. Works best on pimples with heads.
If you have headless bumps, use Benzac 2.5% instead. I love how tree tea oil smells


RP = Retail Price
SO EXPENSIVE CAN!?!?! But I got my stuff at a MUCH MUCH more cheaper price!
It was really worth it cus 1st item was 20% off, then the 2nd item was 30% and the subsequent item(s) was 50%.

I really dig the pore purifier toner and blemish gel so I stocked up in Jan 09 again when they had a special 40% off promo!

If you wanna check out their products, visit Henry Tianus
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