Saturday, 31 January 2009

I was at a Dior preview event today for their latest Dior Addict
Fever showcase.
Dior products are really pricey IMO. BUT mind you, it's natural cus
it's DIOR!!
Their latest spring collection 5-color eyeshadow palette costs $87.
I can't imagine splurging on such upmarket cosmetic
during a time like this.



We were introduced to the new colors for Spring.
These are the four new eyeshadow palettes they'd come up with.



And we learnt some new tips on how to apply eyeshadow the right way.


This is their latest hot item: Lady Dior
According to, this is "one of Dior's greatest fashion
icons, the legendary Lady Dior handbag, inspires this exclusive
mini-bag compact with sparkling metal and faux-leather accents
and a ring clasp to attach it to your handbag. Open to enjoy
the sheer chic of Dior cheek highlighter plus a
glossy lip tint. Hand it to Dior to have such charm. "

And this is what every girl wishes she has in her bedroom or dressing
room. The whole range of Dior cosmetic at her fingertips.


We also got to bring home a goodie bag each.


Interestingly, the goodie bag contained their skincare products instead
of any cosmetic samples of the new collection we were being introduced to.
Hence, the minus 2 hearts off the rating.


Thursday, 29 January 2009

Big may be beautiful.... Not for me!

I've started hitting the gym BECAUSE I was putting on weight.
My whoooping ass is now a 35.5"!
OMG!!! Yes, I know.
My friends are probably gonna buy 4D because I am actually

In Madagascar, this may be SEXEY!
But down here... No way!
I'm fast turning into a "Gloria". (HEAVY BOTTOMED!)
And in no time, I'll be able camouflage in the fruits section; the shelves
where they keep the pears and noone would notice me.
So yes, for the good of mankind myself, the extra inches has
got to go!

Do motivate me on!
I'm so easily distracted by anything that's edible.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Henry Tianus Organic Products

Where to buy?: Henry Tianus OR Suntec City Lvl 1, Pushcart outside Carrefour
How much? Check website

I was first introduced to the Henry Tianus range at the
Cozycot Holy Grail Party which I LOVE so much!

The Henry Tianus range is basicially made up of organic botanical extracts and cosmeceuticals ingredients so it's ORGANIC. There are no parabens, no perservatives or synthetic fragrances etc. Which kinda explains it's short shelf life - 6 months.
But if you keep your products in the fridge, you may stretch it for an additional
2 months max.

During the Cozycot Holy Grail Party (Sept 08),
I bought quite abit from Henry Tianus.
The lady, Grace who introduced the products to us was a good salesperson.
She was very patient & thorough in explaining to us
the ingredients and usage of the product.
She also let us sample quite a number of their items.
Thus, in the end, I got these 5 products :


RP $68

VERDICT: Light & refreshing, this was recommended as a day-time
toner. It contains hazel witch as well, just like the pore purifier but is
not as 'heavy' as it.


RP $68

VERDICT: I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! It really helps in minimizing the appearance of pores!
But it maybe too drying so it's recommended for use at night only or on
alternative nights. Works great on oily to normal skin only.


RP $138

I've not really tried enough of this to comment.

RP $55

VERDICT: Nothing special or maybe it just didn't work for me.


RP $30

VERDICT: LOVE THIS! Gentle and soothing, it does not leave unsightly
scars after it flattens the pimple. Works best on pimples with heads.
If you have headless bumps, use Benzac 2.5% instead. I love how tree tea oil smells


RP = Retail Price
SO EXPENSIVE CAN!?!?! But I got my stuff at a MUCH MUCH more cheaper price!
It was really worth it cus 1st item was 20% off, then the 2nd item was 30% and the subsequent item(s) was 50%.

I really dig the pore purifier toner and blemish gel so I stocked up in Jan 09 again when they had a special 40% off promo!

If you wanna check out their products, visit Henry Tianus

Shills Review

Where to buy?: Beauty Bistro OR John Little / SASA
How much? SGD$21.50

I couldn't find much info about this particular KoreanTaiwan brand, Shills.
However, I know that it's much raved on NU REN WO ZUI DA and that it can
be found in
It is also retailing in some local online stores.
Try googling for 'Beauty Bistro' or 'Yourlifestore'.

What I got recently:

Super Magic BB Cream, Sexy Legs Spray Foundation Retail Price $21.50
cus I have ugly legs....


Product Description: SHILLS B.B Cream Sexy Leg Spray Foundation gives you the instant effects of sexy glossy legs without stockings or pantyhose. With its creative super light nude-look particle adsorbing technology, it instantly modifies uneven skin complexion.

No oily & uncomfortable feeling in hot climates. Extracted from all natural herbal essence with Korean manufactured EGF technology.

Natural whitening Arbutin essence whitens and moisturizes the skin. Peppermint essence refreshes tired legs and cools down skin in hot weather.

VERDICT: It is just like what the product description suggests.
Foundation for your legs. What comes out of the nozzle is icy cold, beige mousse-like substances. Then you spread it evenly over your legs so that you don't look like you've got patchy legs.

I don't know how long can one tiny spray can like this last me!!!
Seriously, if you need to do this for both entire legs, it's gonna take quite abit of
the BB cream.
It did work though but needs alot of spreading and proper blending lest you end up looking streakish.

You see, I get red marks after I epilate my legs.
And this would help in concealing the marks even if it's just alil coverage.



And we shall move on to then next product....

Shills Chocolate Peel Off Mask Retail Price $21.50


Product Description: A French chocolate beauty secret. Firms and tighten pores without oiliness and brightens the skin immediately. Removes excess oil and impurities by peeling, purifies the skin surface.

Shills Chocolate Peel off Whitening Mask is creatively made using chocolate essence and natural herbs which help to deep cleanse pores, remove old dead skin and extra oil. It can effectively slim facial features to create 3D V-face. The results are a slim, whiter and soften skin.

Strong chocolate fragrance brightens your mood.

VERDICT: Ouch, painful when you peel it off!

It's like chocolate fudge oozing out of a tube! You spread it evenly onto
the spot you want and wait for it to dry.
After that, you can start peeling and oh boy, does it hurts! Cus it's
kinda like waxing.

This product REALLY removes your facial hair.
I saw like a zillion of tiny, very faint fine hair on the mask!!!


It was not as effective in removing my blackheads as a pore pack but I still
like this mask! Haha! I don't know why. Maybe cus it's something
so unique and innovative since it's a CHOCOLATE mask. When on second thoughts,
it is really pretty similar to the Dasio Charcoal Mask which costs $2 only.

I think I'll grab a charcoal mask soon and try it out again to compare the two.


Stick to the Shills mask.
I tried the Dasio charcoal mask and it didn't really work at all.

It works great if you use a scrub before using the mask!

Exclusive Beauty with ZA Spring Makeup Essentials Workshop

I attended this ZA event and learnt about the right makeup techniques.
How to do your concealer, eye makeup correctly etc.
How to pick the right shade of foundation.
All in all, it was an interesting and informative session.

We got to try out the ZA products on the spot as we learnt
how to use each of it the proper way.

Here's what each of us got for the door gift.


To be honest, ZA's doorgift pales in comparison with the Maybelline's one.

But anyway, I tried the blemish shoot dewy gel yesterday.
It is light in texture, very easily absorbed by the skin and feels like water
once you apply it onto your face.
This is great for those with combi to oily skin tone as it does not
feel too rich or clogging for your pores.

I also tried the cleanser from the Neutrogena sample.
It smells good and it's not bad. Not drying to the skin.
But yup, most cleansers feel the same on my skin...


(Minus one for the goodie bag being alittle too tiny *LOL*, minus another one for the promotion after that not being enticing enough)

They offered us a discount of 20% off their ZA range but we could easily get
the 20% off at Watsons, Guardian or John Little.
I felt that maybe they could have offered us a much more enticing deal.
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